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Our Kid-Friendly Approach to Optometry

Any doctor’s visit can cause apprehension for a child, but we have ways to reduce their anxieties (and yours!). Our comprehensive exam includes checking each child’s color vision and depth perception, and making certain that your child is achieving their appropriate visual milestones, in an environment where your child can feel comfortable.

For those children who are not comfortable with an eye chart with letters, we also have picture charts. Also, we use a specially-compounded dilation spray, so that multiple drops are not required for dilation. Each child will leave our office with a fun pair of sunglasses to wear after dilation!

Dr. Patteson will not hesitate to make the eye exam fun and playful for your child. She has even been known to get down on the floor and play with her pediatric patients in order to get the best measurements for her patients. She also enjoys seeing patients with learning issues and autism spectrum disorders.